This is for you x

Being able to interact with you in a personal way is a big part of why I do what I do. Because of the internet, you and I have crossed paths! I welcome this opportunity to get to know music enthusiasts around the world. 
Community is important to me and music is our beautiful unifier. 
That's why I created a fun group called Mythology, Music and Mythical Places. I would love to have you there! Come join us
In addition, I want you to know that when you shop The Hellena Shop, it enables me to keep making music. Know that your support is actually helping to keep the independent music scene alive because it truly is!
I love expanding beyond music and I feel that the music is only the beginning... :) I've wanted to extend the sound into creating a visual world in a way that you'll love being a part of.
Adding things like a decorative Canvas, a T-shirt, or even wearing custom dreamy jewelry can enhance the way we feel and attitude! :)
I always want to improve the experience on my website and my shop, so if you ever have any suggestions - either to improve things, or suggestions for new beautiful items & merchandise, please send your awesome ideas to info@hellenaofficial.com
Thank you for being part of my world.
Your Greek Caryatid,