Photos from Greece!

Heeeey my friend x Travelling to beautiful places and capturing them in a moment in time is beautiful!

You know we share the same passion for the arts and I adore ancient Greece so here I am, sharing my favourite photos of modern and ancient Greece with you!

I will update this page at some point as I will keep taking more photos. Enjoy my friend. hope these shots will inspire you to visit these mythical places if you haven't already x

1. In this photo: HELLO from Odysseus's palace! hah this is in Ithaca where Homer's school is too! An 8th BC century palace which Greek archaeologists claim was the home of Odysseus has been discovered in Ithaca, fuelling theories that the hero of Homer's epic poem was real. <3 I'm dying for things like thaaaat!




2. In this photo: Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Herodes Atticus was an aristocratic and wealthy Greek who funded several great building projects in ancient Athens, including the Odeum (also Odeon or Herodeion you see below), which he commissioned in 161 BC in memory of his wife. Found at the bottom of the southern slopes of the Acropolis, it was a concert hall with 32 rows of seating around a semi-circular, tiled stage and covered with a wooden ceiling to aid acoustics. Able to accommodate an audience of 5,000, the Odeum’s three-story exterior was adorned with four vast arches and decorated with statues of the muses. HOW AMAZING! and the acoustic there are GOLDEN! I've watched a couple of performances there and one of my dreams is to play there too one day. are you coming? :)


3. In this photo: Sunset with the view of Athens. It makes me wanna cry!


4. In this photo: My Caryatid sisters on Acropolis just at the opposite side of the Parthenon! (haven't posted a Parthenon photo because I posted it so many times that you are probably sick of my parthenon pictures lol). 

According to a story related by the 1st-century-BC Roman architectural writer Vitruvius, caryatids represented the women of Caryae, who were doomed to hard labour because the town sided with the Persians in 480 BC during their second invasion of Greece. :( I feel for these lovely ladies... and especially for the stolen one that is still lonely and imprisoned in the British Museum but don't let me get started on that story because I will see red in 10 seconds.


5. In this photo: Hello from the home of the Gods! I met them! :) hehe On top of my head you see the peak of the mountain which is also called "Zeus's throne"... and it actually looks like one. When/If you go, you will understand what I'm saying. Hiking on this mountain has been an incredible experience I will never forget! Do you like mountain hikes?


6. In this photo: Another one under Zeus's throne but this time at 7am in the morning and fucking freezing! haha thank god refuges are there to prevent you from dying in the cold! :P


Thanks for seeing those! I will be sharing more with you soon. all my love x