About Hellena

HELLO! And welcome to my shop! Warm greetings to you.
This is the place to be when you want to leave the mundane behind, and dream away.
Life can be mysterious, and we all have many different stories, but one thing that brings people like you and I together is our common love for mythology, philosophy, ideas, and music of course!

I'm delighted you're here. I am a songwriter of Dream Pop music and I wanted to expand the feeling and mood that the music brings, by extending that feeling into other items we use and adore on a daily basis. I hope you'll love being a part of that journey with me! 

As I expand this shop, I welcome your feedback, your reviews, and your photos of you with the dreamy music & items! 

Thank you for supporting independent music, and making this musical journey even better by being part of it all. 

Dream Big,