About Hellena

Hellena was born and raised in the shadow of the Mountain of the Gods, Olympus, in Greece. She is a singer, songwriter, director and composer. Her creations regularly marry the Eastern/Western world whilst sonically fusing dreamy/ethereal and dark/distorted sensibilities.

Indeed, Hellena’s music in general is a contrast of light and dark, meeting seamlessly in the middle. Her lyrics are often philosophical and existential, transporting the listener to a mystical land or offering poignant reflection and introspection. Typically influenced by observations of the world and life, her vocals are driven by beautiful melodies and carefully crafted harmonies.

Currently residing in London, she has subsequently played at some of the capital's most exclusively renowned venues such as The Troubadour. In addition, she has charted in the Top 20 MTV Unsigned listing and performed at the legendary Texas festival SXSW as well as The Beatles’ world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Live appearances on the likes of BBC London Radio 94.9FM have further enhanced Hellena’s exposure. Ensuing features, interviews and performances for many other major national, international and global radio stations have continued to both consolidate and strengthen her ever flourishing artistic reputation.

Hellena independently released her debut EP "Kissed the Sun" in 2018, followed by further singles "Love is Dead" and “The Parthenon Marbles (bring them back)” which drew considerable media attention from across the globe.

Her upcoming debut album is called “Demythed”. Musicians from across five different countries have put their heart and soul into this project, resulting in a multi-national and even transatlantic affair. This group includes the bass player and band leader of Lacuna Coil, Marco Coti Zelati (aka Maki).

“Demythed” has an intrinsic flow, a consciously concocted chronology of events that have unfolded throughout Hellena’s life. Indeed, the opening song which gives its name to the album title is also the first single to be released and very much enlightens the listener as to the material which follows. Whilst the very word “Demythed” may not exist within the pages of the Oxford English dictionary, or indeed any other for that matter, it is a quote by David Bowie which sums up Hellena’s body of work to perfection. It refers to the unveiling of the truth that sits behind the facade of life and alludes to seeing through the smokescreen of myth, to a place where our true spiritual existence is awaiting discovery... ready to be embraced, nurtured and ultimately cherished. To be released in October 2020.