Black & Gold Unisex Parthenon T-shirt
Black & Gold Unisex Parthenon T-shirt

Black & Gold Unisex Parthenon T-shirt

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Original & 100% Eco-friendly Parthenon design, inspired by Ancient Greece.

The Blackest Black & Elegantly Daring T-shirt!


  • FREE Shipping! (It can't get better than this... 😎)
  • 100% Organic Fairtrade Cotton
  • Jersey 4.57oz/ 155g
  • The Blackest Black colour
  • Original design exclusive to the Hellena shop - not sold in stores!
  • Sizes XS - 2XL available!
  • Ships Worldwide from the UK!




The Parthenon & the Caryatids are iconic parts of Ancient Greek history & culture. The Parthenon is an architectural masterpiece and was built in 447 BC (...pretty old...) as a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. The Caryatids are gorgeous sculpted female figures serving as architectural support (like a pillar) to the entablature of classical buildings. Immerse yourself in Ancient Greek history with your Brand New, Black Parthenon T-shirt!


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