Are you enjoying your mornings?

It has been a while that I have been trying to create a certain routine every morning that I enjoy. I believe it is very important to start our day on a positive note, and that this will suggest how your whole day will look like for you.

The thing is, I am a "worrier". I worry too much, I take things too personally, I am over sensitive and too judgmental of myself. When I wake up, I am not all jolly and in LaLaLand. It takes work for me to set up my mind straight, be positive and get things done. 

I am happy that after months and months of feeling lost in the mornings, I created a kind of routine that helps me to actually feel content and work with a positive mindset. 





First things first.... a GOOD coffee! heh :) I tried going without coffee for days etc and guess what! I WANT my morning coffee... yes, you might say I am addicted.. I probably am, but please, give me a break :D I also have to make my morning smoothie, get those vital vitamins! ;) If you give me a whole apple to eat, I'll probably pass.. if you give me a fruit smoothie.. ahaaaa... now we're talking! :)

After that, I stretch. I have to. If I don't, my body does not wake up and I feel stiff for the rest of the day. not fun...

I then go right into meditation. I have tried several types of meditation, some worked some didn't. Meditating is a very personal experience and I believe that we should do what works for each one of us individually, even if that does not "comply" with some meditation practices. At the end of the day, meditation is supposed to help you calm down, free your mind, and not stress you even more. 

After meditating, I read a couple or 3 pages of a book I like, the theme usually revolves around philosophy of life, mythology, or self help/improvement. 

After all that I can start my day on a positive note...and... I have stopped checking social media until about lunch time and reading the news in the morning. I have found that checking my social media in the morning and especially right after I wake up, kills my brain... I feel stressed, my energy leaves my body. And energy is a very sacred thing...



What is your morning ritual? How do you tackle stress, worries, bad mood? 


I think we don't give enough credit to ourselves. We all know we have to love ourselves etc etc... we've heard it so many times that it became a cliché phrase. It is hard to do so, isn't it? 

Every day is a new fight. Will you be the winner or not? This is up to us, thankfully. I would love to hear your thoughts. x

Dream big, always. Hellena x 




  • Excellent .
    Thanks for your fantastic arts

    Jeff L .
  • Hi hellena I love a cup of coffee on the morning otherwise just another grumpy person to start a day I don’t have a morning routine at the moment but since I read yours I really need to get one hellena really do x

    Derek Sanderson
  • Great post Hellena! My routine is very personal. I’m sure yours is as well, but you have been incredibly transparent in sharing it. So I’ll add that mine is actually similar in some respects. I too make coffee—I grind my beans and use a French press with good water, unless I’m traveling, in which case I use the hotel’s coffee pot or machine. I also meditate. Instead of stretching, I practice Tai Chi, which I have practiced and taught for many years. Tai Chi is very important to me. I also read and reflect. I need those personal moments of inspiration before I tackle the day. When I’m ready, I finish with a breakfast, and start my day after that. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

    Craig Heimbichner
  • I have a very similar routine Hellena! I am very happy you manage to tackle those low feelings in the morning. It is important we always start with the right mindset as you said. Happy to read this post from you!


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