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A soaring wave of emotions with beautiful haunting melodies - Frank Ralph

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What People ARE SAYING

Hellena's music touches the heart. Her music takes you on a journey into your soul and brightens your emotions. It is a real treasure to have listened to some of her tracks. She is in my radar.

Joseph Nile Fusco

This is a great t-shirt and was my choice for best design. Super soft and comfy, combining the ancient and modern, classic and stylish. You don't have to wait for this baby to go on sale again, you can have one right now!

Ethan Bernhardt

The lyrics of her songs are very thoughtful and the music arrangements compliment them brilliantly. I like the haunting melodies. Very relaxing and easy to listen to.

Davie Carr

I have been listening to Hellena for over a year now and always marvel at her songwriting and musicianship.Her music digs way down deep and takes the listener on a wonderful journey that you want to take over and over again.It takes you a special magical place that you never want to leave.If you haven't listened yet,what are you waiting for?

Larry Waxmunski

Her voice is hypnotic, magical and dreamy

Cristina Carvalho